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Ex-Porsche LMP1 boss to get top F1 team role

Although his departure from Porsche has not been confirmed and it is not yet known which F1 team he is heading for, 42-year-old Seidl has an extremely strong CV that would make him well-qualified for a team principal role. He made his name working for the BMW Sauber F1 team until 2009, then led BMW’s ...

UK watchdog has eyes on Google-DeepMind’s health app hand-off

The shock news yesterday that Google is taking over a health app rolled out to UK hospitals over the past few years by its AI division, DeepMind, has caught the eye of the country’s data protection watchdog — which said today that it’s monitoring developments. An ICO spokesperson told us: “An ICO investigation and an ...

Baidu leads $300M investment to bring its search smarts to elevator ads

China’s largest search engine Baidu is getting an offline revenue boost after it led a $300 million strategic round in Xinchao Media, a company that shows people ads when they’re waiting for an elevator – or stuck in one. The tie-up will see the partners collaborate on data integration that knits reams of search data ...

Lewis Hamilton: Michael Schumacher's record has never been a target

Five-time world champion Lewis Hamilton says reaching Michael Schumacher’s record of seven Formula 1 world titles “has never been on his mind”. Source: BBC F1

Uber launches rider loyalty Rewards like credits & upgrades 9 cities

Uber’s new loyalty program incentivizes you not to check Lyft or the local competitor. Riders earn points for all the money they spend on Uber and Uber Eats that score them $5 credits, upgrades to nicer cars, access to premium support, and even flexible cancellations that waive the fee if they rebook within 15 minutes. ...

Tencent returns to profit growth despite concern around games

Tencent returns to profit growth despite concern around games
Chinese internet giant Tencent bounced back from a disappointing previous quarter, but for once the company didn’t have its gaming business to thank. Tencent may be best known for conjuring up WeChat, China’s most popular messaging platform, but its revenue is driven by its gaming business, which includes top smartphone titles and a thriving PC ...

Google Assistant picks up a few new tricks

Google Assistant, the voice-driven AI that sits inside Google Home (plus Android phones, newer Nest cameras, and a bunch of other devices) and awaits your “Hey, Google” commands, is already pretty clever. That doesn’t mean it can’t learn a few new tricks. In a quick press briefing this week, Google told us a couple new ...