Formula One in HD in 2011

Much to everyones supprise Bernie Ecclestone mentioned to Eddie Jordan that F1 will be going into HD next season.

The problem with that is, not all the countries on the 2011 roster have the means to broadcast F1 GP’s in HD.
It was a spur of the moment claim that will not be seen in F1 till after the 2011 season.

Having heard that live on BBC Sport programming, the BBC soon had the last few races of the season “Upscaled” on the BBC HD channel.

The upscaled quality was not bad at all, but it was a waste of time when trying to read the blurred onscreen text and cars whizzing by without knowing which driver it is.

So c’mon BBC dont fob us off with third rate HD programming. And Bernie give us a realistic time when HD quality will be available for all F1 races all over the world.

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