Michael Schumacher surprised with Nico Rosberg’s performance

Michael Schumacher surprised with Nico Rosberg’s performance
The 7-time world champion, Michael Schumacher was surprised how his teammate, Nico Rosberg was able to outperform him during the 2010 Formula Season. The German blames the technical problems in his Mercedes for the poor season he embraced this year.
The 41-year-old has returned to Formula One after a period of three years as he announced retirement from the sport in 2007. The man, who is statistically the most successful driver of all times, believes that his poor performance this year is majorly because of the unsuitable car for him. The driver has neither won any of the 19 races of this season, nor had he been successful in bagging a podium. The best finish of the season seen by the driver was at 4th place at the Korean Grand Prix while he wrapped the Japanese round at sixth place.

Having 72 points under his belt, the driver stands at 9th pace in the drivers’ championship while his teammate and fellow country man, Rosberg, was successful in earning 142 points, finishing the season at 7th place.

Before announcing his retirement after the 2006 season, the driver won seven World titles, winning four consecutively from 2000 to 2004. After finishing the 2006 season at a place behind, Fernando Alonso, who had his second world championship, the racing icon decided to retire. However, Schumacher’s oldest friend and one of the most successful team principals of Formula One, Ross Brawn embraced the driver in his team whole heartedly.

The German while talking to the media earlier today said, “The fastest driver is a reference for the other one, you see the data of how he drives, but it didn’t work quite so well in the other car. Looking back, there were a few things (wrong) with my car. The exhaust got so hot that sometimes the underside of the car burnt or the F-Duct (a system to help the airflow) was triggered in parts of the track where it shouldn’t have been.”

Such technical problems with Schumacher’s car were witnessed earlier this year at the Belgian and Japanese Grand Prix, where the F-Duct of the car gave a lot of trouble to him on the track.

The driver now explained saying that he was facing several problems with his car all through the year but he preferred talking about it to the team behind closed doors instead of announcing publicly.

He further revealed that voices were raised behind closed doors at Mercedes’ all through the year as he voiced his frustration at team management. Especially the team Principal Ross Brawn has absorbed a lot of his anger and dissatisfaction, assuring him that the team will provide him a far better car for the upcoming season.
“I had no problems with Nico, but I told Norbert and Ross that it was time to find explanations,” said Schumacher.

However, as the team and drivers get ready for next season, the racing icon Schumacher says that he is looking forward for a better season ahead. He is adamant to enter the new season leaving all the problems of this season behind as they move ahead for the next Drivers’ Championship.

The team stopped all the development work of the 2010 car at the mid of the season turning all the focus towards the 2011 car. All the teams now expect to see a very strong Mercedes GP car as it was seen in 2009 when the squad bagged both the derivers’ as well as the constructers’ championship.

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