Williams’ radical gearbox hard to copy

Sam Michael is confident Williams’ innovative 2011 car will be hard for the British team’s rivals to copy.
The Oxfordshire based team’s technical director singled out only four innovations of note among the class of 2011: Renault and Red Bull’s exhaust systems, the Toro Rosso double-floor, and Williams’ ultra compact and low gearbox.
He is quoted by The Sun as saying the first three innovations will be quite easy to copy “whereas a gearbox is a completely different kettle of fish”.
Australian Michael said all the teams have been closely studying each other’s new cars, but “We have no idea where everyone is”.
Following the launch of the FW33’s new livery, a photograph of the newly painted car circulating at an unidentified circuit with Pastor Maldonado at the wheel was published by Brazil’s Globo Esporte.

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