Pirelli considers qualifying tyre for 2012

A quicker tyre for qualifying is one of the ideas Formula 1 tyre supplier Pirelli is discussing ahead of the 2012 season. Another suggestion from Paul Hembery, the company’s Motorsport Director, is to take three Slick compounds to each race.
“We are already thinking about next season now and see where the weaknesses are in our system,” Hembery explained to Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

Pirelli's Paul Hembery

Pirelli’s Paul Hembery

“For example, when the first two practice sessions are held in wet conditions, we really need an extra set of Intermediates, and we have already agreed that next year this should be included in the rule.
“We have more ideas, too. Perhaps we can develop a total of up to six different (dry weather, Slick) compounds and give teams three different types to choose. There are lots of options. We could also create a tyre with much grip for one lap, a special qualifier. Ultimately, the decision is down to the teams; if they don’t want it, we won’t do it.”
Qualifying tyres were last seen in F1 in the 1980s.

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