BBC Looses F1 Coverage Deal for 2012 and beyond!

This is disgusting.
We pay for a TV license to “pay for” programming that we want to see.

I want to see F1, I want to see full F1 season coverage.

I am not represented in the BBC License Fee Charter, so why should I pay it now?

I only ever watch Eastenders and F1 since March 2009

Everything else is pants!

The BBC make millions of pounds selling their shows across the world on U.S TV, Europe etc.

“The office” is a good example, im sure the BBC get a kick back from every episode that is written/shot/on air.

Not to mension the large number of cable/sat TV channels that show repeats of old BBC shows.

They have a steak in each one of them, and those channels show TV adverts all day long generating revenue!

So why do I loose my F1?

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