Ferrari's landmark F1 cars: Kicking off Schumacher's reign

This was the car that started five years of supremacy for Ferrari, which won the drivers’ and constructors’ championships from 2000-2004.In the years following Enzo Ferrari’s death, his team grew so dysfunctional that only a complete change of management could turn around its on-track fortunes.Jean Todt was headhunted to take charge in 1993 and empowered ...

Top Stories of 2017, #2: Kubica mounts F1 comeback bid

Robert Kubica’s return to the F1 cockpit was the sport’s biggest feel good story of 2017, albeit one tempered somewhat by the news that ultimately he hasn’t landed a race seat for next season.Nevertheless, the popular Polish driver has proved that he can still perform, and that is remarkable in itself, given the extent of ...

Haas admits early 2018 focus likely hurt results

At the championship’s halfway point, Haas sat seventh in the constructors’ standings – four points behind Toro Rosso.By the end of the year, Renault had leapfrogged both and Haas ended up six points off Toro Rosso in the same eighth place it had achieved in its debut season in 2016.Haas made no secret of the ...

2017 F1 season in stats: The 68th season in context | 2017 F1 season review

Why did more drivers fail to finish races in 2017 than last year? The data reveals it wasn’t just down to power unit problems. Source: F1 Fanatic

Honda to keep current F1 engine as back-up for 2018 spec

Honda completed a major revamp of its engine design over the 2016-17 winter, but a problem with the oil system put it on the back foot at the start of the season, faced with a slog to recover.The Japanese manufacturer is sticking with the concept and evolving it for 2018 for its switch from McLaren ...

Breaking records, brilliant corners & veganism – Hamilton on 2017 changes

Lewis Hamilton discusses his record-breaking season, becoming the most successful F1 qualifier in history and how he is “done” with eating meat. Source: BBC F1

Inside Line F1 Podcast – Ferrari breakaway series

But will the out-of-work Bernie Ecclestone take up Ferrari’s breakaway series as a project to bring him back into force in the world of Motorsport? Ecclestone’s love for Ferrari is public knowledge, but how serious could Ferrari be?But will the out-of-work Bernie Ecclestone take up Ferrari’s breakaway series as a project to bring him back ...

Crunch Report | Apple Apologizes for Slowing Down iPhones

Apple apologizes for slowing down iPhones, humans spent $200 million on apps this Christmas and Google retires the Pixel C tablet. All this on Crunch Report. Read More Source: TechCrunch

‘Verstappen was the standout driver of 2017’ – Hakkinen | F1 Fanatic Round-up

In the round-up: ‘Verstappen was the standout driver of 2017’ – Hakkinen • Ocon ‘took fewer risks to finish races’ • Verstappen raised his game in qualifying – Horner Source: F1 Fanatic

Financial technology startups emerged as serious challengers to financial services in 2017

 While cryptocurrencies stole the spotlight in 2017, a clutch of companies were quietly working behind the scenes to slowly bring the financial services establishment to its knees. It may turn out that these startup entrants of the last several years will prove to be the more relevant disruptors. Read More Source: TechCrunch