F1 Fanatic’s essential reads 2017: The best articles and your favourite features | 2017 F1 season review

If you missed any our of most-read features, articles, news or quizzes throughout 2017, you can find the very best of them in one place here. Source: F1 Fanatic

Tech gallery: How the Mercedes W08 evolved throughout 2017

Keep reading Source: Motorsport.com

Verstappen upped his game in 2017 – Horner

Verstappen finished 32 points adrift of teammate Daniel Ricciardo in 2017, but scored more wins (2-1) and had the better record head-to-head in qualifying (13-7) and the race (5-2) when both cars finished.”Max has really upped his game, particularly on Saturday and Daniel has had to stick with it to go shoulder to shoulder with ...

'The Commuter': Film Review

'The Commuter': Film Review
Liam Neeson and director Jaume Collet-Serra team up for the fourth time in ‘The Commuter,’ a thriller set on a Metro-North train heading out of New York City. read more Source: Hollywood Reporter Reviews

Crunch Report | South Korea Announces New Cryptocurrency Regulations

South Korea announces new cryptocurrency regulations coinciding with the drop in bitcoin prices, YouTube gets pulled from Fire TV and SoftBank will now own about 15 percent of Uber. All this on Crunch Report. Read More Source: TechCrunch

Electric-only F1 unlikely to happen within next decade – Brawn | F1 Fanatic Round-up

In the round-up: Electric-only F1 unlikely within 10 years – Brawn • Hamilton prefers Le Mans to Paul Ricard • Red Bull had ‘worst reliability since 2006’ Source: F1 Fanatic

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Google retires the Pixel C tablet as it shifts focus to the Pixelbook

 As noted earlier today by Android Police, Google has stopped selling the Pixel C through its online store. It’s a quiet and not unexpected end for the company’s well-received tablet, designed to make room for Google’s latest and greatest. Read More Source: TechCrunch

Trump’s website is coded with a broken server error message that blames Obama

 If you’re a fan of Easter eggs hidden in source code, this is a pretty good one. Apparently, as Washington Post data reporter Christopher Ingraham observed on Twitter, some Trump administration and GOP websites have a portion of code with a joke that throws shade at Obama’s golf habits, the irony nowhere to be found. Read ...

It’s surprisingly easy to program living tissue to form new 3D shapes

 The boundary between biology and technology blurs further and further as researchers discover more and more parallels between the two. Today they have found that it’s relatively simple to essentially hack living tissue by programming a pattern into cells, making them grow and fold on their own into a desired shape. Read More Source: TechCrunch