How to buy the best Amazon backpack for school: our top picks

We’ve ranked the best Amazon backpacks for back to school that include a range of different features and prices to suit any budget. Source: Techradar

Williams has "very clear" position on Racing Point appeal

Williams is one of four rival teams that responded to the FIA’s ruling on the Racing Point brake duct case, a guilty verdict that yielded a €400,000 fine and a 15-point penalty, by filing an intention to appeal.Ferrari, McLaren, and Renault – which led the campaign against Racing Point with a string of protests – ...

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra release date, price, features and specs

Xiaomi celebrates its 10th birthday by announcing a new super-premium phone: the Mi 10 Ultra. Source: Techradar

Time's almost up to grab an ESPN+ sub before the price rises by 20%

Prepare to pay an extra dollar a month for ESPN+ from this Wednesday – a 20% increase for the popular sports streaming service. Source: Techradar

Parabola no-code platform raises $8M Series A as it focuses on eCommerce

Many workers today are still stuck doing a bushel of manual tasks, copying and pasting data into spreadsheets, sending out the same emails every morning and generally lacking any kind of automation because they lack coding skills. Parabola wants to change that with a simple drag and drop workflow set up, and today the startup ...

TikTok is being investigated by France’s data watchdog

More worries for TikTok: A European data watchdog that’s landed the biggest blow on a tech giant to date — slapping Google with a $57M fine last year (upheld in June) — now has an open investigation into the social video app du jour, TechCrunch has confirmed. A spokeswoman for France’s CNIL told us it ...

Building a fintech giant is very expensive

Venture capitalists and other investors have poured capital into fintech startups around the world in recent years, including a record number of rounds worth $100 million or more in the second quarter of 2020. In Q2 2020 venture-backed fintech startups raised 28 nine-figure rounds, underscoring the scale of the bet investors are making on fintech’s ...

AirPods Pro deals drop back down to lowest price yet in US and UK

AirPods Pro deals are dropping prices back down to their lowest points yet in both the US and UK this week. Source: Techradar

Focusing on human and climate health, S2G Ventures launches ocean fund with $100 million in commitments

Focusing on human and climate health, S2G Ventures launches ocean fund with $100 million in commitments
S2G Ventures, the Chicago-based investment firm focusing on startups developing technology and services for human and planetary health, is launching a new investment vehicle focused on seafood and oceanic cultivation. The firm was an investor in Beyond Meat, the $9 billion-valued publicly traded meat replacement startups that’s been one of the biggest recent success stories ...

Google is planning a big change to Chrome Incognito Mode

The Windows version of Chrome will soon offer a desktop shortcut that starts the browser directly in Incognito Mode. Source: Techradar