Earnhardt Jnr joins expanded 31-car IndyCar iRacing field for Michigan | Gaming

NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jnr will join the IndyCar iRacing Challenge this weekend for the series’ first race on an oval at the Michigan Superspeedway. Source: F1 Fanatic

F1 needs “really old-school” tracks like Zandvoort – Kvyat | RaceFans Round-up

In the round-up: F1 needs “really old-school” tracks like Zandvoort – Kvyat • Alfa Romeo puts staff on ‘short-time work’ • Todt fears manufacturers could quit F1 Source: F1 Fanatic

How to finish second after running back to the pits

Having qualified only sixth, Ferrari’s Jean Alesi didn’t much look like a contender for victory when he made an awful getaway and made matters worse by spinning at Turn 1, narrowly missing his teammate Gerhard Berger but succeeding in causing a chain-reaction crash behind him – Tyrrell’s Mika Salo being rear-ended by a flying Luca ...

20 years ago: When F1 was “like qualifying from start to finish”

Hakkinen rocketed away at the start, as Schumacher suffered huge wheelspin and veered across the nose of David Coulthard’s McLaren, which allowed Ferrari teammate Rubens Barrichello up to third at the expense of Coulthard, with Jacques Villeneuve’s BAR at the head of the chasing pack.The race developed into two distinct McLaren v Ferrari duels. Hakkinen ...

Todt warns F1 at risk of losing manufacturers

With motorsport’s governing body pushing hard to bring down what it considers to be still ‘crazy’ costs to compete in F1, Todt says he is not taking it for granted that all the current 10 teams will stay in grand prix racing.Asked by Motorsport.com in an exclusive interview if was confident all the current outfits ...

Zandvoort F1 race behind closed doors "unthinkable"

Lammers would prefer delaying the event until 2021 if it meant fans can attend the race.Formula 1 was set to return to the Dutch dunes next month for the first time since 1985, but the grand prix is one of many motorsport events that have been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.On Tuesday, ...

Todt put "a lot of pressure" on staff to get Ferrari answers

Earlier this year, the FIA announced that it had reached a private agreement with Ferrari in the wake of suspicions it had found a way around the fuel-flow restrictions with its power unit.That secret settlement angered Ferrari’s rivals, who felt that a potential breach of the regulations had been swept under the carpet.The FIA argued, ...

Mercedes F1 team reveals origins of DAS system

Mercedes sparked intrigue in the F1 paddock when it debuted DAS on its car on the second day of pre-season testing, allowing drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas to adjust the toe angle of the front wheels from the cockpit.The drivers used DAS by pulling the steering wheel towards them while on a straight, prompting ...

Strategic superiority extends Schumacher’s winning streak | 2000 San Marino Grand Prix flashback

Michael Schumacher extended his championship lead after coming from behind to beat Mika Hakkinen at Imola 20 years ago today. Source: F1 Fanatic

Robert Doornbos Jordan Seat Fitting

More photos Source: Motorsport.com Photos