F1 Barcelona Day 1 Testing: The line-up

Formula 1 testing resumes on Friday, with the fraternity all present at the Circuit de Catalunya on the outskirts of Barcelona. Following heavy rain for the area on Thursday morning, more showers threaten to affect proceedings on-track today. The Friday line-up for Barcelona looks like this: Red Bull Sebastian Vettel McLaren Jenson Button Ferrari Fernando ...

Heikki Kovalainen Positive after power steering failure

H_Kovalainen    First feeling with the new car was very positive, just didnt get proper running due to a power steering failure, got some checks done anyway

Heikki Kovalainen The Fireman

Heikki says: Great news we won the moment of the year award at the autosport awards! It belongs to all of my fans so thank you for voting! Fireman power!   Source: Twitter

Kovalainen Final Head Scan Today

Heikki says he is recovering well.  He Had his final scans for the head today, luckaly no problems and he hopes to rest for another week then back to fitness training. Source: Twitter